About Me

I am a digital marketer who aides startups and businesses to get their company on digital platform. Helping them to market their product digitally and converting the customers into buyer and more sales.

With experience of over a decade in selling products from intangible to tangible, I started my career with a Holiday company. I sold holiday memberships. After spending almost 5 years I took a turn in my career. Moved towards a complete different industry and joined the Real Estate. This was a move from a ticket size of 1.5 lacs to a ticket size of 1 Cr. Within the same industry, I kept moving from one product to another and one company to another. With this change, it gave me opportunity of selling products starting with 11 Cr onward.

With COVID-19 hitting the world and pushing every country on the knees, digital world saw its rise out of it. Video calls which already existed for sometime, became a daily affair for all the professionals, friends, families to connect with each other.

And that’s where I decided to take up digital marketing and learn about it. Scanned through internet, saw various videos and articles and slowly and steadily started learning and implementing digital marketing. In this journey I also came across one of India’s best digital marketer Digital Deepak. He has been in the digital world since quite a good time. And with his unique Digital Deepak Internship Program he has taught more than 5000 interns like me. With this article I have started my journey of digital marketing.

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