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If you are reading this article, then definitely it means that either you are interested in learning digital marketing or you are looking for a job in digital marketing or you are looking to do freelancing in digital marketing or you might just be looking to learn digital marketing to boost your business. If you tick off any of the above boxes then you have landed at the right place. This articles reviews the digital marketing training with internship program conducted by one of the finest digital marketers of India: Deepak Kanakraju or Digital Deepak (commonly known as DD). I have been a part of the batch 6 of this program and learning everything about digital marketing from the scratch. This article will answer all your queries about the fundamentals of digital marketing and how digital marketing will help you in whichever field you are looking for. In this post I am going to talk about my journey with the Digital Deepak Internship Program. Stay tuned till the end to figure out whether you should go with digital marketing or not.

About Digital Deepak

Deepak Kanakraju aka DigitalDeepak started his journey way back in 2008 with online motorcycle publication named Bike Advice and sold the same in 2012 after huge success of the blog. After which he started working as digital marketing manager in startups like Practo, Exotel, Instamojo, Razorpay, Zivame etc. And finally in 2016 he started his own company by the name of PixelTrack Digital Agency.

He has always been believing the idea of Learn>Do>Teach.

Keep learning at every stage of your life. Application of your learning will help you remember the knowledge. And always keep teaching to people who have lesser knowledge than you. This will keep your skills sharper.

He has created a lot of digital marketing training courses and programs which are paid as well as free of cost. With his learning of a decade and more, he has been trying to make more than 1 lac of digital marketer. Digital Marketing Internship Program is the path that he chose to fulfill his quest of creating 1 lac digital marketer.

Why DigitalDeepak Internship Program compared to other digital marketing training courses?

As per industry reports, it is seen that out of all the people who enroll for online courses, only 5%-15% of them complete the course. Check the survey report here. And out of those who complete the course, only around 20% of them take an action. This is the problem that Deepak captured and as a solution he created a learning program where one will be paid for learning the skills of digital marketing. He makes sure that along with learning the skills, his interns apply the knowledge in the real world. The entire internship is base on the fundamentals of learning and executing what has been learnt. And hence the completion rate of DDIP is whooping 90%.

Structure of DigitalDeepak Internship Program

The entire digital marketing training course is divided in 16 weeks. Every single week teaches you one new element of digital marketing. Depending on the importance of any new topic, there may be addition in below topics in future.

  • Week 1 – Success Mindset
  • Week 2 – The Law of Marketing
  • Week 3 – Discovering Your Profitable Niche
  • Week 4 – Creating Your WordPress Blog
  • Week 5 – Becoming the King Of Content
  • Week 6 – Building your Tribe & Social Media
  • Week 7 – Lead Magnet & Lead Generation
  • Week 8 – Facebook Ads
  • Week 9 – Google Ads
  • Week 10 – SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Week 11 – Email Marketing Automation
  • Week 12 – Sales & Conversion
  • Bonus Week 1 – Personal Branding & Dream Job
  • Bonus Week 2 – Affiliate Marketing
  • Bonus Week 3 – Digital Freelancing
  • Bonus Week 4 – Digital Mentoring

The first 12 weeks helps you learn about the concepts of digital marketing and the last 4 weeks allow you to apply these concepts and earn big with the skills your acquired in the weeks prior.

Of the last 4 weeks, you are suppose to complete any one of the topic or all 4. Its your wish and with this the internship is officially completed.

If you wish to join the internship program kindly click the below button to register for the future launch webinar.

What all support you get to achieve your final goal?

Platform For Learning

DigitalDeepak has created a platform called LMS (Learning Management System) where all the content of internship program is published week by week. It has the pre-recorded long videos of in-dept knowledge about the specific topic of the week.

After every video there is an assignment shared with an explanation video of how to do the assignment.

Interns are given 7 days of time to complete the assignment and submit it back in LMS for it to be approved by the team. Only once the assignment is approved, you will get the cash back for the same. In case if the assignment gets rejected, you are again given a chance to rectify your mistake and submit it again to be approved and be eligible for the cashback.

If someone still faces an issue after going through explanation video, there is a live Q&A online session arranged after 2-3 days of release of video and doubts are cleared.


Every batch of interns gets a mentor whose job is to motivate the interns enough to complete their assignments on time. In my case, Batch 6 got the opportunity to have Mr. Divya Kothari as the mentor for us. He is a fitness enthusiast and self motivated person. His collection of books are just insane. Not only he guides us through our path but there have been times when he has walked the paths with us. Having him mentoring us has been a real pleasure. Sharing the feeling in words will not be justifiable.


To ensure direct connect with all the interns, except for email Deepak Sir have created a group on telegram. This group have all the interns of the respective batch. This group is mostly used to ask doubts and questions about the assignments or in general.

The real beauty of the group is that everyone is motivating and encouraging other counter parts of the group to complete the assignment.

If ever there is a question posted in the group and the mentor is not available to answer the same, then the group members rush in to solve the query of the concerned person. Having a self motivated community not only helps you to grow but it allows to ensure healthy competition in the group.

Support Team

If you ever face any query regarding the LMS or any payment issues, PixelTracks support team is just a click away to solve your problem. They are the army behind the scenes.

Assignment Submission

The best part of the DDIP is that there is a deadline of 7 days from the Q&A session and 9 days from the release date of the assignment video, unlike other digital courses where you can complete the assignment at your own pace.

Once you complete the assignment and submit it in the LMS, it will take up to 7 working days, to be approved and to receive cashback for the same.

This way you will feel motivated to complete assignment on time to receive the cash-backs.

So when you pay a sum as deposit to enroll for internship program, you get the entire amount back with the cashback for every assignment. In fact, at the end of internship program, there will be a Multiple Choice Question test. If you pass that with flying colors and end up becoming one of the top interns, you will be eligible for more than what you actually paid for internship program. Yes you read it right. And if you feel it might have some catch, let me tell you there is none.

Deepak sir will allow you to keep re-submitting the assignment again and again till it gets approved and you get the cashback.

For him the motive is not to earn but to reach lakhs of people who are willing to learn digital marketing and empower them with the knowledge of digital marketing and to do some good in their lives.

What are you waiting for? Click the link below to grab your seat in the next webinar.

Price to Pay

Technically the entire course is free of cost.

Deepak sir takes a charge at the start of internship program to ensure that people who are joining in are genuine learners.

But the same amount is completely recovered by the end of internship program if you submit the assignments on time and subject to it being approved.

In fact if you fall in the top categories of interns who perform really well in the test taken at the end, you tend to get more than what you invest in the first place.

All the cashback amount comes directly into your bank account in just one click in the LMS.

If you want to know more about the pricing structure, details of the program, then click on the link below to register yourself for the launch webinar.

My Journey of DDIP so far..

It was the pandemic that hit in March in India and we were all forced to stay at home. First it felt a great holiday. But slowly & steadily the days passed by and then weeks and then months but we could not step out for any work. Everything went online from customer meetings to team meetings. Across all the industry over the globe people were laid off. There were pay cuts and people were forced to start living with tight budgets. Covid-19 made everyone realize that this situation is not going anywhere for at least a year or two. But with the problems came the solution as well.

Video calls were always there but it was never being used in this fashion ever before. From small companies to big brands everyone started searching ways to be online to connect with their potential clients, interact with them and find ways to convert them into paying customers in a more effective manner. And that’s where the need for digital marketing scaled drastically.

This is when I started searching and researching more on digital marketing. While researching about the topic I came across Google’s Google Digital Unlocked certification course. I took up the course and completed the entire course with certificate. But the real fact was, even after completing the course, I was still not confident enough on the fundamentals of digital marketing and how it can be used and implemented. Though technically the course was completed, but the technical part and the motivation to make your own website, use Google ads, Facebook ads was a mountainous task for me.

This is when I came across DD’s brand and his course of learning digital marketing with his 25 Free Videos. I started following him and started attending his webinars on the topics of content marketing, google ads, Facebook ads, email marketing. With over a month and a half interacting with his brand and his different contents, I started gaining trust in his teachings and his brand. And then one fine day I came to know about his internship program.

It is called as Digital Deepak Internship Program or DDIP, where you get paid for learning the subject. Yes you read it right. You are paid to learn digital marketing. I was amazed and curious to know about this program. So I went on the provided link and applied for the DDIP. I waited for the approval of my application for a month or so. There were mails from Digital Deepak to keep me engaged during the entire gestation period. Even after a month or so when I did not get a positive response, I felt that it is just a scam kind of thing. But then when I had lost the hopes of getting my application approved, I got a mail of invitation for internship program webinar. I was delighted like a kid getting an ice cream.

I attended his webinar and understood all his model of internship program. I was fascinated with fact that every assignment you submit and when it gets approved, you get cash back for the same. Isn’t it amazing? Without thinking twice I joined it immediately after understanding all the details. I was eager to learn about all the aspects of Digital Marketing.

Now this is where the actual journey starts. The very first week topic was Success Mindset. Boom!! Thinking of learning digital marketing and your first topic is just nowhere close to digital marketing. But this is the beauty of this internship program. It is not just about learning a topic but it is an overall development of an individual. Changing your entire mindset from “Can I” to “I Can”.

First Week:

First weeks assignment made me write an article of 250 words which I never thought I would be able to do ever. But then after I wrote the article, I realized that I am not that bad with writing as well. I figured out what my personality type is, from And with its results I understood what are my strength & weaknesses. It made me learn how to be always in the best emotional state to ensure that I give the best of myself in any scenario.

Second Week:

Second week of program took me through the fundamentals of marketing. Through this assignment I was able to learn about the history of marketing and how traditional marketing was done and how digital marketing is different and better from traditional way of marketing. Digital Deepak also revealed his blueprint of CATT (Content, Attention, Trust and Transaction) Marketing Funnel. One interesting part of the assignment was Digital Deepak showed and taught me that earning 1 crore in revenue is very practical. Just by knowing the fact that earning a crore is not that mountainous task made me feel more motivated towards the internship program.

Third Week:

Third week was about figuring out your Profitable Niche. Now before starting the internship program, with whatever basic knowledge that I had about DM, I was really confused on what should be my niche. But with the step by step method provided by DD, figuring out my niche was little easier. I understood what my passion is, what my talent is and whether my passion and talent has a market for it. Selection of niche is the combination of your talent, passion and market for it.

Fourth Week:

Fourth week was about creating your own website/blog. With every week passing by, assignments got more challenging and more rewarding. Once I completed the assignment the amount of satisfaction was incomparable. This assignment taught me how to purchase your domain name and hosting for my website/blog. There were many useful tools which I learnt and used from my colleague interns. I am still in the process of making my website more user-friendly and effective for any visitor. Do have a look at it here.

Fifth Week:

This was the week where DD started getting us out of our comfort zone. It was all about content marketing. Again it was a session with in-depth knowledge of the subject. It felt like I dived in the ocean of information but in a more organized manner. It helped me learn the technique of using mind maps to organize my content. I created my 1st ever YouTube video and posted on YouTube as well as my blog. The link for the same is here. I had never thought that I would make a video and post it on my YouTube channel. But the internship program made me do that and got me out of my comfort zone.I also learned the importance of having your own followers. Creating your own tribe is a very crucial step. And this internship program made me start working on my 1st ever book. I have the outline ready now but work is in progress.

Sixth Week:

Sixth week is where we entered in the Diwali week of 2020. And it really became a week of lights and sounds. This week was about the Power of Social Media and Networking. Assignment was to do a LIVE WEBINAR with audience on the other side. I had to choose a topic of my choice and speak to live audience for at least 15 minutes followed by Q&A session. This week’s assignment also made me to choose the mission statement for my personal brand and some core principles to be followed by my followers. I set up my social media handles with my personal brand & designed the 1 crore/year profit funnel. Below are my social media handle:

Facebook Group Link:




Seventh Week:

Seventh week is about Lead Generation and Email Marketing. Assignment demands us to generate fresh leads from the digital world and also interact with them. I am sure this seems pretty challenging on the face of it, but on the hindsight it will empower me to come out as a victorious person on the other side. For the first time ever I have created a landing page as lead magnet and posted on my social media accounts. The response was much better than what I had expected. But the act of completing a task is just so motivating.

Eight Week:

After learning about how to generate leads it was time to create marketing campaigns to finally generate leads through FB Ads. Learnt about the FB conversion ads, how FB pixel helps to track the conversion and so on.

Below is my FB Ads manager account

Ninth Week:

Post the FB Ads we entered in the Google Ads zone.

Again an in-dept knowledge about the topic blew my mind. Doing it yourself gives an amazing feeling.

Below is my Google Ads dashboard.

Tenth Week:

After the sessions of paid ads, Deepak sir showed us the power of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Though he just took us with the basics of SEO. But even the basic knowledge was overwhelming.

With every week it feels like I am opening newer doors for myself.

How to Apply?

Click on the below link and fill up the form to register yourself for the upcoming webinar. If you think just by clicking the link and registering yourself you will get the seat, then you are mistaken.

There are more than 70k people lined up to be a part of the internship program.


I feel so satisfied and proud that I chose DD’s Digital Deepak Internship Program. I feel more confident every week by week. There is lot to learn and it is amazing when there is a mentor and community of other interns out there to help you achieve your goals.

DD rightly said and now I realize that learning digital marketing is like learning to drive a car or learning to swim. Just by reading books and watching the videos will not help you learn. You will have to drive it on your own to learn how to drive a car and jump in the water to learn how to swim. Similarly I did learn digital marketing from Google’s digital unlocked program. But I was never able to apply the learning’s. This internship program is helping and pushing me to learn by applying it practically.

DD is also now taking entries for future batches of internship program. If you are interested and would like to enroll for the same here is the link for you: Digital Deepak Internship Program.

Guys if you have any interest in marketing and would like to have financial freedom & feel satisfied about what you are doing, don’t think twice. Just go for it.

For more knowledge on Digital Marketing you can refer to below sites:

PS: The link in the button is an affiliate link which means that if you enroll in the program, Deepak sir will pay me a sum for guiding you to the program. This, in no way, will impact what you are to pay or receive from the program.

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